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                       IMPORTANT  INFORMATION  :

The entry visa application for Cameroon has been made exclusively online since April 30, 2023 ,

via the platform or

The procedure is carried out in the following steps:

1 – Online pre-registration . It is done by the applicant through the opening of a user account on the platform,

filling out the online form and its validation confirmed by email or text message.


2 – Payment of fees . It is carried out online by various methods (Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Mobile Money, Orange Money, Moov,

Wave, Safaricom, Airtel, Vodacom, Afritel, etc.). The applicant will then receive notification of proof of payment either by email or SMS depending on their choice.


3 – Processing the application and issuing the visa . For applicants residing in areas far from consular posts and donating coverage,

an online visa issuance authorization accompanied by a QR Code completes this phase. For those residing in Brussels, an automatically generated notification

is sent to them by email or text message for an appointment, so that they can come to the Embassy for the biometric enrollment formality. One or the other

procedures take place within 72 hours after pre-enrolment. This deadline is 24 hours as part of an express procedure. In case the user

holder of a QR Code wishes to carry out biometric registration formalities at the Embassy, ​​they will be asked to present the originals of the documents submitted

in support of their pre-enrolment, as well as a complete physical file including in particular: the original passport, the pre-enrolment form, the payment receipt

visa fees and all other documents listed on the website.


4 – Affixing a visa . It is carried out either at the entry border post for holders of online visa issuance authorization or at the Embassy for applicants.

having completed their biometric enrollment at the post.

Press release No. 01/23/ACB/MC of 04/17/2023. (evisacam)  signed by the Ambassador of Cameroon in Belgium HEM Daniel EVINA ABE'E


Entry and stay in the territory of the Republic of Cameroon requires obtaining a VISA.

The Cameroonian Embassy in Brussels issues the following visas:

- Transit visa;

- Visa for multiple entries and exits valid from 0 to 6 months;

- Visa for multiple entries and exits for more than 6 months.


       For an official visa, you must provide the following documents:

- An official passport or any other official travel document with a validity of at least six (06) months;

- A return plane ticket or to the final destination of the trip;

- An international vaccination record with proof of administration of a valid yellow fever vaccine;

- Two (02) recent color identity photos

- A Verbal Note

- A Mission Order signed by the head of the structure for which the visa applicant is employed.


        For a temporary authorization to import weapons, you must: 

 - A passport with an entry visa or a residence permit in Cameroon;

- The purchase invoice for the weapon;

- An authorization to carry weapons

- Two (02) recent color identity photos

- Fees of €125


NB . : Visa applications for minor children must be accompanied by travel authorization from both parents.

           - Authorization must be established with the municipality of residence of the parents.

           -( Communication from the Ambassador of 03/01/2023 )







Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE

S.E. Monsieur Daniel EVINA ABE'E

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