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The entry and residence in the territory of the Republic of Cameroon requires obtaining a VISA.

The Embassy of Cameroon in Brussels issues three types of visas:

- Transit Visa

- Short-stay visa (maximum 3 months)

- Long stay visa (from 3 to 6 months)


Obtaining visas exceeding 6 months exclusively with immigration authorities in Cameroon.


pdf Visa Application Form (.pdf)

Conditions for obtaining visa

Requirements for Application of Entry Visa into Cameroon

1. For All Types of Visas

A Passport or any other Travel document with at least 6 (six) months validity;

An Airticket (Round trip or until final destination) 

A valid International Vaccination card showing proof of protection against yellow fever;

Two (02) recent colour identification photos;

2. Transit Visas of maximum 5-day validity 

Apart from the documents requested above, 

A Visa or authorisation to enter the final destination country 

Fee of 110€ (normal Visa processing time) or 120 € (Expedited Visa).


3. Tourist Visa (30-day validity) 

Apart from documents requested in 1 above, 

A document duly signed by a Travel Agency or Tourist Operator if such is the organiser of the trip; 

A hotel Reservation duly signed by an authority of the hotel or a Lodging Certificate legalised by the Community Office of the locality to be visited,  

Proof of guarantee of repatriation (Attestation of Insurance company or other authorised agency);

Proof of Financial sufficiency (Current bank attestation);

Fee of 110€ (3-day processing time) or 120€ (Expedited Visa).


4. Temporary Visa: 3-month maximum duration

Apart from documents requested above in 1, 

Justification for the visit;

A letter of invitation and/or Lodging Certificate legalised by local Community office; 

Proof of guarantee of repatriation (Attestation of Insurance Company or other authorized agency); 

Mission Order for official trips; 

Fee of 110€ (Normal Visa) or 120€ (Expedited Visa).


5. Long Stay Visa: Duration of three (03) to six (06) months maximum 

Apart from the documents requested in 1 above, 

Job Contract duly signed by the Minister of Labour for foreigners traveling to Cameroon; 

Work Authorisation for liberal professions or to promote an activity delivered by Competent Authority as required; 

Certificate of Registration or further registration issued by the Authority of the Institution for students; 

Authorization for Internship issued by Sponsoring Institution and a letter duly signed by the hosting institution for Internes. 

Partnership Contract or other related document duly signed for business partners; 

Proof of repatriation guarantee (Attestation of Insurance Company or other registered agency;

Fee of 210€ (visa normal) ou 230 € (visa express).


6. Visa for Minors 

Apart from the documents requested in 1 above, 

Parental Authorisation signed by the two parents (if child is traveling alone or accompanied by a third party;

or of the parent who is not traveling with the child and duly legalised by the Communal Administration; 

Copy of Birth Certificate or other document with proof of filial link; 

Copies of Identity of the parent who has signed the authorisation and of the one requestiong the Visa; 

Proof of repatriation guarantee (Attestation of Insurance Company or other registered agency) ;

Proof of repatriation guarantee (Attestation of Insurance Company or other registered agency) ;

Fee of 110€ (Normal Visa) or 120€ (Expedited Visa).

N.B.The extra 10 euros above are charges for photos

7. Official Visas 

Offical Passport or other official traveling document with duration of at least six (06) months;

A round trip airticket or simple ticket to the final destination; 

Acurrent International vaccination card with proof of administration of vacine against yellow fever;

Two (02) recent colour Identity photos;

A verbal note 

A Mission Order signed by the authority of the institution in which the applicant of the Visa is employed.

8. Temporary Authorisation to import arms

A Passport bearing Entry Visa or residence document in Cameroon

Receipt of arms purchase;

Authorisation to bear arms 

Two (02) recent colour identity photos; 

Fee of 100€

N.B. : All Visa applications must be deposited latest 12 O'clock, each working day. 

Processing time is 72 hours for Normal visa (110€) and the same day for Expedited Visa (120€).



Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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