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Pigeon Fanciers in Belgium offer aid to Cameroon

Relations with Belgium

Once more, Cameroon was specially honored during the annual feast of Pigeon Racers, Riddersclub that took place on Sunday, the 28th of February 2016 at Harelbeke, Belgium. During the ceremony, . A check worth 1.500 Euros (approximately One million CFA) was given by the Founder of the Asoociation and his wife, Nicole and Lionel Debusschere, for the benefit of 

a Douala-based Non-for-Profit Organisation for physicallly disabled children, headed by Sister Martine BAYANG. 

On behalf of the Ambassador of the Cameroon Mission, Daniel Evina Abe'e, the delegation led by Mrs. Christine Ngue, Cultural Counsellor expressed their gratitude to the Association which has been existing for 39 years, and bringing together hundreds of members. Also present from the Embassy were Mr. Marc Nwaha, Financial Counsellor; Ms Mary Ngu Ekukole, Communication Counsellor; and Mr; Frédérique Lébé, Cultural Attaché.

The club which has some registered 27 members, dozens of honorary members and sponsors uses the occasion to award prizes to winners of the year. 

In Pigeon racing, the specially trained homing pigeons return to their homes over a carefully measured distance, varying from approximately 100 to 1000 kilometers. The distance between the bird's home loft and the racepoint is carefully measured byGPS, while other timing methods are used to calibrate the time taken by the bird to return. The pigeon fanciers of Belgium were so fond of the hobby that they began to develop pigeons specially cultivated for fast flight and long endurance called Voyageurs. From Belgium the modern version of the sport and the Voyageurs which the Flemish fanciers developed spread to most parts of the world.

The use of homing pigeons dates back to the centuries before electronic communications, such as the telegraph and telephone. Indeed, historical records states that the Reuters News Agency, the world's largest information provider, began as a pigeon service carrying closing stock prices between Belgium and Germany, that is, connecting the western and eastern terminus of the telegraph in Europe.


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