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Belgian Solar Zonder Grenzen to light up Cameroon villages

Relations with Belgium

On the invitation of a Belgian Solar Energy NGO, Solar Zonder Grenzen, Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe’e led a delegation of his close collaborators from Brussels to the city of brugges in the Flemish region of Belgium  on Wednesday the 30th of September, 2015.

It was a warm welcome managed within a demonstration solar-lit kiosque

from where snacks were served, when the Director of the NGO, Mr. Bert Bernolet, surrounded by his partners, and in the presence of his parents, accompanied the Bourgmestres of Brugges, Mr. Renaat Landuyt to usher the Embassy delegation into a city renowned for its unique beauty. 

The NGO and her partners have already shipped 604 solar panels to Cameroon which will bring light to an estimated 100.000 people, some pilot villages where electricty is far from common.

Meanwhile, Cameroonian partners are already at work, eveb as an expert is currently undergoing training in Belgium, to serve as the relay when effective implantaion of panels will be launched in 2016. Benefitting from their experience in Togo, Benin, where some 250 energy kiosks charge mobile telephones for 62.000 grateful customers; and some fifty are employed in administration, school children can do their homework; women can gain more time with nightfall coming from 6pm; and clinics and maternity wards can be sure that delivery will be done in clear light no matter the hour of the night.

During the ceremony, which had the delegation visiting the headquarters of Solar Zonder Grenzen, the Bourgmestre (Mayor) symbolically handed over a a solar panel to His Excellency Evina Abe’e, saying his heart was warmed, adding that he was proud of young people tirelessly making a great effort to render the world a better and warmer place.

In response, the Ambassador praised and encouraged Mr. Bernolet and partners, while extending special thanks to Mr. Paul Nchu Ngang, the young Cameroonian University lecturer who made the key connection between Solar Zonder Grenzen and his native country. Ambassador Abe’e promised the continuous support of his mission to facilate the process of making their dream come true for the nation that is centrally located on the continent.    

The solar energy project is environment-friendly, sustainable, uses local material in producing mobile lamps, and will equally create jobs, especally for young people.  Though it is not the first company to bring solar energy into Cameroon, its presence will help reach more people faster. Indeed, according to a research carried out by the World Bank between 2010 and 2014, only 53.7% of the population of Cameroon has access to electricty. 


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