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It was Sunday, 20th May 2018 at his La Hulpe's residence that hundreds of guests gathered in the bright sunny 22degree temperature to join Cameroonians to commemorate the 46th edition of their national day of unity.

This year's theme was, « Cameroonian citizens, let us remain united in diversity and preserve social peace, for a stable, indivisible and prosperous Cameroon ».

"To return to the event that gathers us here today, and taking into account the serious challenges that question all of us, I would like to remind you that the above –mentioned theme of this National Day, invites all of us to be more vigilant, regarding the climate of peace in our country.

We have to make more consistent and sustained efforts, in order to preserve and consolidate this rich heritage of the history of our beautiful and beloved country, Cameroon.

Therefore, it is not an accident if the official launch of the National Day Celebration took place in Kette, the sub-division in the Kadey division, East Region.

The choice of this symbolic locality magnifies our ethnical and cultural diversity, basis of the preservation of our harmonious living together.

The main innovation this year was the organization of the Cameroonian Living Together Days. The purpose of this event was the consolidation of the national cohesion and integration which appear as the unique guarantee of a harmonious living together.

I will be proud, as the Ambassador of our beautiful and beloved country in Brussels, if each of you, dear compatriots living here in Belgium, acts as the relay of this noble and exciting cause by preaching peace, tolerance, inclusivity and dialogue in his everyday life, wherever you are!

It ‘is only in this basis that we will strongly contribute to the construction of our national building."  = excerpted from speech of Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e. 


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The commemoration chaired by Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e under the theme, "Intensify the fight against discrimination towards women, reinforce partnership in order to accelerate sustainable develoment" at a hall at Edith Cavell located within the city of Uccle, not far from the Embassy. Some 400 Cameroonian women, alongside their from of other countries, wife of the Ambassador, Christiane, with her counterparts of Equatorial Guinea, Congo Brazaville and the African Union, all reunited by a panel discussion of four experts.  

The sub-themes were complimentary, namely, 1)Women,political participation, and decision-making" by Madam Yvette Belibi; 2)"Women,peace, and security et inclusive growth" by Madam Anne Dorette Djikou; 3)Women,social networks and migrations" by Madam Catherine Ngo Biyack; and 4)Women & health, light complexion and cosmetic products" by Madam Madeleine Bassomoo.


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Cameroon's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union, Daniel Evina Abe'e, chaired a meeting of Cameroonian freshmen of Belgian Universities, within the framework of his annual get-together, initiated by him and  organised by the Cultural Service of the Embassy on Sunday 11th February 2018 in Brussels, in order to give them an additional opporunity to ensure good results at the end of their academic program.

The twin event combined Cameroon's tradtional Youth Day activities with the Ambassador's meeting with freshmen each year. According the programme outlined by the Cultural Service of the Embassy headed by Mrs Christine Bissou Ngue and Mr. Frédérique Lebe, Cultural Attaché.

The two main speakers, experts at the more than 60-year old Brussels-based association, CIRE (Coordination et initiatives pour réfugiés et étranger) were Mrs. Laureta Panxhaj and Delphine Nouind. In their two separate exposés they explained the academic system at the higher education level with all the requirements, while at the same time outlining all the existing opportunities for students to meet the challenges leading to a successful outcome.  

Prior to their presentation, Mr. Lébé coordinated a three-person panel with two students Mr. Henri Batick and Mr. Othniel Takenwa, a discussion in which he himself did a detailed presentation of the national programmes that have been created by the government over the years to cater to the specific needs of youths, namely, LE PIASSI - le Programme Intégré d’Appui aux Acteurs du Secteur Informel; Le PTS – JEUNE - Plan Triennal « Spécial Jeunes » pour la facilitation et l’accélération de l’insertion de la jeunesse; ONJ - L’Observatoire National de la Jeunesse ou l’interface entre les jeunes et les différents programmes et projets gouvernementaux et non gouvernementaux d’insertion socio-économiques; PPEJ -  PROGRAMME  DE  PROMOTION  DE  L’ENTREPRENARIAT  DES  JEUNES; LE CMPJ - Les Centres Multifonctionnels de promotion des Jeunes créés en 2005, ces structures d’encadrement et d’accompagnement des jeunes; and LE PARI -JEDI - Le Programme d’Aide au Retour et à l’Insertion des Jeunes de la Diaspora; LE FONIJ ou Fond National d’Insertion des Jeunes est un mécanisme de pérennisation financière du programme d’appui à la jeunesse rurale et Urbaine(PAJER-U) et du projet d’insertion socio-économique des Jeunes par la création des micro-entreprises de fabrication du matériel sportif(PIFMAS)


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The staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Brussels, on Friday the 12th of January 2018, offered New Year wishes to the Head of Mission at the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union, Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e and his wife, Christiane, in accordance with tradition and in respect of institutional hierarchy, that is, after those to Head of State Paul Biya and also those to his immediate hierarchy in Yaounde, the Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella. Memebers of the Cameroonian Community resident in Belgium also added their voices to the ceremony that took place in the conference hall of the Embassy.   

Chief of Personnel and 2nd Counsellor, Mr. Laurent Tchandeu, 

"Surtout nous ne nous sommes pas beaucoup tournés les pouces. A titre d'illustration, le service consulaire qui joue comme avant-centre dans une équipe de football, a réalisé plus de 20.000 prestations aux usagers dont près de 9000 visas et plus de 3500 dossiers de passports...La Coopération économique avec la Belgique a été renforcée, ainsi que le partenariat avec l'Union Européene et le groupe ACP. De mannière très significative, la ôsition du Cameroun et de notre Ambassade a été rehaussée avec le statut de Doyen du Corps Diplomatique qui est échu à S.E.M. l'Ambassadeur depuis quelques mois" dixit M. Laurent Tchandeu, Deuxième Conseiller en sa qualité du Chef du Personnel. 

En retour, M. l'Ambassadeur a repondu avec les paroles reassurantes.


"Je commencerai par remercier Monsieur TCHANDEU pour ses paroles aimables mais surtout pour les Vœux qu’il a bien voulus formuler pour ma famille et moi-même en son nom propre et en votre nom...En plus de Vœux, il a fait état de notre activité en 2017. Ces bons résultats énumérés n’ont pu être possibles que grâce à nos efforts conjugués tant au niveau du guichet que par les responsables et les autres collaborateurs.


Parmis les membres de la communauté camerounaise invitée étaient la Présidente de Cercle des Ressortissants Menoua du Benelux, et Sécrétaire Générale de la Fédération des Associations camerounaises de Belgique, Mme Anne Dorette Makoukeu Djikou; Mr. samson Bilangna, Administrateur technique principal à l4organisation Mondiale des Douanes; M. Yves Tiné, Architecte; Le Président de l'Association Grand Mbam de Belgique, M. Etienne Bekoumé, et le Président de Events Soccer Academy de Molembeek, Belgique, M. Kouadjo Evrard Ghislain. 



To be continued 


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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