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M. l’Ambassadeur de la République du Caméroun auprès du Royaume de Belgique et de l’Union Européenne, Daniel Evina Abe’e a procédé le vendredi 8 Janvier 2016 à la remise solennelle des épaulettes à son personnel Militaire, Bidoung Josué Nöel, promu au grade supérieur à la faveur des textes signés par le Chef de l’Etat le 23 Décembre 2015.

En effet, à la suite des textes portant avancement au grade supérieur des personnels des Forces de Défense, le Conseiller Militaire de l’Ambassade de Bruxelles a été promu au grade de Colonel. Ladite cérémonie s’est tenue  dans la salle des actes de l’Ambassade en présence de tout le personnel de l’Ambassade,                                                                                      des familles des militaires affectés à l’Ambassade et des invités spéciaux parmi lesquels le Général d’Aviation Raoul Moussa Renamy, Attaché de Défense du Gabon en Belgique.

La cérémonie sobre et dans la stricte tradition militaire s’est terminée par un vin d’honneur offert par le Bureau Militaire.


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On wednesday, 28th November 2015, Flanders Investment and Trade organised an information seminar in preparation of an economic mission underway for Cameroon in the first quarter of 2016.

Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe’e made a general presentation of his country, from the historical-geographical; the economic potentials; to the development strategy. Given a wide natural endowment for shipping, Cameroon opens up into the atlantiic ocean through the following ports: 1) Douala, operational ; 2)Kribi, deep sea port to be opened soon; and 3)Limbé, with construction plan underway.

« The arable land surfce is estimated at 85% of the territory wherein about 70% of the population works. However, little machinery is used. Thus, it offers a lot of opportunity for investors, particullarly with export crops including cacao, coffee, banana, tea, sugarcane, rubber, palm oil, cereals, fruits, vegetables, rice, etc…

These crops can be cultivated and transformed on the spot for added value, and of course, sold on the local market,» says Ambassador Evina Abe'e.

In his won presentation, Mr. Johan Malin explained why Cameroon is an attractive country for foreign investors. 

«In 2014, Cameroon was the second market for the Flanders among 49 African countries. 

If Cameroon is not well known to the Flanders Exporter, the country'sassets are quite visible:

With about 21,7 millions inhabitants, the country is well populated and therefore is a substantial market. 

üCameroon is a country of intermediate revenue with a buying power that places her the fourth in rank in West Africa. 

üCameroon is richly endowed with natural resources (oil and gas, precious wood boi and minerals) and agricultural (coffee, cotton, cacao, maize and et cassava),

since her independence in 1960, Cameroon enjoys continuous political stability, despite the extreme heterogeniety of her population and conflicts in neighboring countries. »

The Chamber of Commerce (CBL-ACP) was represented by Mr. Alexander Herring, Executive Committee Member, while Mrs. Catherine Doody, International Affairs Officer made a presentation for the World Bank Group.  

More than sixty businesses took part in the seminar, which included the testimony of entrepreneurs who have and are currently doing business in Cameroon. 


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The 81st edition of Europe’s largest annual outdoor agricultural, forestry and  food processingfair  held at Libramont  from the 24th to the 27th of July 2015, followed by the two-day DEMOFOREST from the 28th to the 29th.   

The objective is to enable companies to show the strengths and specific characteristics of their equipment under real working conditions. The fair is an outstanding showcase for the rural world, displaying through multiple demonstrations  the machinery, livestock breeding , forestry , food processing etc ... It takes place at a location  dedicated to it, the multifunctional site at Libramont Exhibition & Congress . 

The 30th edition of the UN International women’s day, 8th March was celebrated in Brussels, Belgium within the spirit of participation. In order to render their chosen model effective, the women of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union brought in a lot of innovation. 


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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