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Consultations ahead Of Major National Dialogue hold in Brussels

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Ahead of the fortcoming Major National Dialogue announced by the Head of State, H.E. Paul Biya,a four man strong Delegation headed by Dr, Diana Acha Mofor helds consultations in the conference hall of the Embassy in Brussels from 24th to the 25th of September 2019, with the purpose of gathering contributions and views of Cameroonians of the diaspora in Belgium. These consultations took place in two phases. Firstly audiences were granted to individuals, associations and Federations behind close doors on 24/09/2019 during which they made oral submissions, as well as handed in written memoranda for onward transmission 

  The second day witnessed the holding of an open door session which saw the active participation of associations, federarations and a cross section of Cameroonians of the diaspora in Belgium. Here the flour was opened to all and those who had contributions to make, questions to ask and worries to express did so freely without any restriction or interuption. The frank exchanges which ensued gave an oppotunity to Cameroonians in Belgium to equally make their own useful contributions with regards to the resolution of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

     In the long and short of it  the Cameroonian diaspora in Belgium through its active and responsible contributions in the consultations demonstrated its constant willingness to participate in the construction of a united, prosperous and peaceful nation.The session took place under the watchful eye of Daniel Evina Abe'e, Cameroon's Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union.Other members of the Delegation from Cameroon were; ProfJean Louis Atagana,Boni Dashako and Mme Fadimatou Ousmanou. 


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