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National Parks


The Cameroon has nine national parks spread across the country.

- The Waza Park (170,000 ha) (lion, giraffe, elephant, waterbuck, ostrich, topi, leopard, waterbuck, etc ...). is the most famous park in the country and one of the most spectacular of Francophone Africa. Located in the far north, it is a haven for lions, many mammals but also a large colony of birds. It is a park to be missed.

- BOUBA NDJIDAH Park (220,000 ha) (rhino, lion, eland, etc ...). Located in the northeast, the territory of the rhinoceros.

- The park of the Benue (180,000 ha) (hippo, hyena, leopard, etc ...). Central to the north is the preferred location of the largest known antelope, elk derby.

- The FARO Park (300,000 ha) (buffalo, rhino, bushbuck, etc ...). The north western region has many large animals.

- KALAMALOUE Park (4500 ha) elephant, bird, crocodile, giraffe, many birds.

- MOZOGO Gokoro Park (1400 ha) this primarily a botanical interest.

- The National Park KORUP is located in the province of South West. Covering an area of ??1259 km2, it is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful rainforests in the world. Korup survived the Ice Age, where the richness of its flora and fauna that make it a paradise ecotourism.

- The park Lobéké, forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary is one of the few gorillas in the world.

- The park is home to the Campo Ma'an in its lush forest elephants and chimpanzees in their natural habitat.


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