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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT:   On the occasion of celebration of  the 50th edition of the Unitary State of Cameroon, the Public is hereby informed that the Embassy will be closed on Friday, 20/05/2022.

Services will resume on Monday, 23/05/2022 as from 9 a: m.

Art and Culture


Crossroads of art and African culture, Cameroon are more than two hundred ethnic groups that make the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Cameroon. Pygmies, Bantu, Sudanese, Arab-Berber, and others make up this extraordinary explosion of population, each bringing its traditions, its art, music.

The "Ngondo" is a ritual celebration of the peoples of the coast, with a mixture of magic, dance, costume and canoe race.

The "funeral" in the west and north, are a pretext for large colorful ceremonies in honor of the deceased.

The "Fantasia" in the north lead to great colored cavalcades.

Dances "Buma" are typical pygmies of the equatorial forest.

Masks, statues, musical instruments, all combine to perpetuate rites and immemorial traditions of the African continent.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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