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Cultural Service


Cultural Service
Cameroon Embassy
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Cultural Service

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Madame BISSOU-NGUE Christine Scholastique.
Second Counsellor, Head of Cultural Service

Technical service in the Embassy, the Cultural Service implementation of a part in the supervision of Cameroonian students enrolled in educational institutions in Belgium, and also to promote academic and cultural cooperation between the Universities of Cameroon and those of Belgium. These principal axes do not exclude other specific tasks that may be entrusted to the government or the head of diplomatic mission are:

  • The supervision of Cameroonian students enrolled in universities in Belgium
  • The preparation of background papers on international higher education and research
  • The processing of applications for aid and assistance filed by the Cameroonian students
  • Facilitate the integration of new students from Cameroon, and promote sustainable return to Cameroon for students who have completed
  • Ensure continuous information, and academic orientation, advising, and following the students in academic and professional training
  • Coordinate the student associations of a cultural

With regard to cooperation between universities in Cameroon, and those of Belgium, the Cultural Service works to inform the Belgian part the higher education system and the state of research in Cameroon. It is for this purpose to prepare, among others:

  • Information materials for universities Belgian Cameroonian universities, and vice versa
  • Information materials on various topics of interest holders and current research in Cameroon
  • To stimulate partnerships between research organizations, universities and those of the Belgian Cameroon
  • Identify sources of funding may be requested by the research facilities of our university system as part of bilateral cooperation and international
  • To propose the signing, reorganization or rehabilitation of cultural agreements and conventions between Cameroon and Belgium
  • To conduct monitoring missions training, research, exchanges of teachers, student researchers
  • To track and identify all the possibilities of cultural, scientific, and technical interest to the Cameroon
  • The Cultural Service is also responsible for promoting and enhancing the cultural identity of Cameroon by all appropriate means and media