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To contact the Sales Department:

Avenue Geo Bernier, 3
1050 Brussels - Belgium

Tel: (+ 32) (0) 2 850 34 89 or (+ 32) (0) 2 850 34 89

Fax: (+ 32) (0) 2 850 49 28

Created by Decree No. 2000/822 of 7 February 2000, the Commercial Service acts as an interface between the economic markets of the EU and Cameroon.
It promotes trade between Belgium and Cameroon.



M. BIFERE Henri - Service Commercial

The missions assigned to this service are numerous:

Inform the Diaspora and foreign investors interested in Cameroon;
Develop an active partnership with European business;
Pay particular attention to the identification of markets;
Promote Products Vintage Cameroon;
Communicate to the hierarchy of export statistics
Cameroonian products as well as changes in prices and export tariffs
including capital goods imported from Cameroon.
To this end, the Commercial Service conducts the assembly of promotional trade show to promote the "Made in Cameroon" and especially the opportunity to establish trade relations supported by different partners.

The Commercial Service also collects information and other information to effectively meet the demands of foreign and domestic partners in the Diaspora.

Important working tools to better understand
the wheels of business in Cameroon

- Law No. 90/031 of 10 August 1990 governing commercial activity in Cameroon;

- Law No. 2004/020 of 07/22/2004 to amend certain provisions of the loi2002 / 004 of 19 April 2002 Investment Charter of the Republic of Cameroon;

- Far ° 04/01 of 20/01/94 to lay down forestry, wildlife and fisheries;

- Law No. 98/006 of 14 April 1998 on the tourism industry;

- Annex to the Decree of 26/10/98 08/405/PM laying down the procedures for approval and placing on the market for pharmaceuticals;

- Law No. 95/11 of 27 July 1995 on the organization of trade in cocoa and coffee;

- Law No. 2002/004 of 19.4.94 amending certain provisions of the Investment Code;

- Law No. 98/012 of 14/07/98 dumping and marketing of subsidized products;

- Ordinance No. 94/003 of 24/01/94 amending certain provisions of the Investment Code;

- Law No. 98/013 of 14/07/98 on competition;

- Investing in Cameroon: the economic benefits
(Center for Economic Information and Documentation of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines);


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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