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Diaspora News

 The Belgo Cameroonian Association for Oral Health, in a programmed dubbed "Mission Belabo 2019," will carry out free dental consultations in the District Hospital of Belabo, East Region of Cameroon from Monday October 28th to Friday  November 1st, 2019   During this campaign they will set up a make shift Dental Unit within the premises of this Hospital from where patients with dental problems who cannot afford treatment will consult free of charge. As prelude to this mission, this  Association of Dentists of Cameroonian origin practising in Belgium organised a charity eveningon September 20th 20 to raise funds to realise funds to ease the organisation of this important humanitarian mission. That special evening special evening was was organised under the auspices of Cameroon Embassy in Belgium and the Ambassaor was represented the Counsellor for Cultural Affaires, Mme Bissou Ngue Christine Scholastique.

     Better known in French as l'Association Belgo Camerounaise pour la santé Buccale(ABCSB), this association with Headquarters in Brusselshas Dr. Justin TSOGO as its President. This Mission to Belabo will be headed by Dr. NDJOH Jules Julien, a renowned Dentist, who is also a Part time Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicines and Biomedecal Sciences of the University of Yaounde One. The organisers say it is their wish to get nearer to to the population in the hinterlands and those areas where basic facilities for dental care are still lacking. They are really concerned with the sick who cannot afford treatment, given that most of them are living under very precarious conditions. The fact that this population lives very far from from dental care facilities makes even the treatment of those with dental problems to be very expensive. Those who can afford to pay for treatment have to to cover long distances,while those who cannot afford to travel to areas with existing dental care facilities continue to suffer, the mission team members disclosed.

     These annual humanitarian missions by the Belgo Cameroonian Association have been organised since 2011 and Belabo 2019 is going to be their 10th outing.Previous missios have taken them to the following towns in Cameroon:- Ebolowa, Ngaoundere, Nkongsamba, Ayos, Banyo, Bangangte, Foumban, Buea and Makak. Before leaving for Cameroon, the team issued letters of appreciation to all those who supported them financially and otherwise, pointing out that this support alone was a very strong motivating factor.

Embassy - Diaspora News

Ahead of the fortcoming Major National Dialogue announced by the Head of State, H.E. Paul Biya,a four man strong Delegation headed by Dr, Diana Acha Mofor helds consultations in the conference hall of the Embassy in Brussels from 24th to the 25th of September 2019, with the purpose of gathering contributions and views of Cameroonians of the diaspora in Belgium. These consultations took place in two phases. Firstly audiences were granted to individuals, associations and Federations behind close doors on 24/09/2019 during which they made oral submissions, as well as handed in written memoranda for onward transmission 

  The second day witnessed the holding of an open door session which saw the active participation of associations, federarations and a cross section of Cameroonians of the diaspora in Belgium. Here the flour was opened to all and those who had contributions to make, questions to ask and worries to express did so freely without any restriction or interuption. The frank exchanges which ensued gave an oppotunity to Cameroonians in Belgium to equally make their own useful contributions with regards to the resolution of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

     In the long and short of it  the Cameroonian diaspora in Belgium through its active and responsible contributions in the consultations demonstrated its constant willingness to participate in the construction of a united, prosperous and peaceful nation.The session took place under the watchful eye of Daniel Evina Abe'e, Cameroon's Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union.Other members of the Delegation from Cameroon were; ProfJean Louis Atagana,Boni Dashako and Mme Fadimatou Ousmanou. 

Cameroon News

During a broadcast television programme, in which he took part, on the evening of Sunday, 3 February 2019, a Member of Government, and also a political leader, incidentally made comments on the main subject in which he made allusion to the dramatic period in the history of the Jewish community.

The Government of the Republic of Cameroon wishes to point out

that the political leader concerned was speaking on a strictly personal basis.

The Government of Cameroon strongly deplores the irrelevant comments of the said personality and completely dissociates itself. It wishes to recall that Cameroon and the State of Israel maintain excellent and historic relations, based on a strong and truthful friendship. In any event, the Ambassador of the State of Israel in Cameroon was received this Monday, February 04, 2019, by the Minister of External Relations, who expressed to him the sincere regrets of the Government of Cameroon, while renewing the commitment of Cameroon to always work in maintaining the confident and mutually beneficial relations existing between the two countries.

(s) René Emmanuel Sadi, Minister of Communication

Relations with Belgium

Government has signed a multibillion partnership agreement with Belgian multinational company, DEM Group for the delivery of some 662machines and vehicles to the National Civil Engineering Equipment Pool(MATGENIE). The Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumession February 1, signed on behalf of the government of Cameroon while the Chief Executive Officer of Dem Group, Mostafa Chenbout signed on behalf of his company. The contract is worth circa FCFA157.430 billion (240 million Euros)funded by a Belgian partner with a100 per cent guarantee from the Belgian government, the CEO disclosed. “We will provide MATGENIE with 662equipments during the first phase of implementation of the project, during which training centres will be created in the ten regions of Cameroon to ensure the effective use of the machines. Having great equipment is good, but it is more important to know how to use them well,” he said. The multinational company operating in Cameroon through its subsidiary DEM Cameroon will, as part of the agreement, train Cameroonians on how to use the equipment. “We are committed to transferring competence and technology. Our technicians are also going to be part of the project management unit to provide support and guarantee profitability,” Yann Le Naour, Dem Group General Manager told reporters. The equipment consist of diverse sorts of machines and vehicles re-quired for construction as well as rehabilitation of roads. The supply of equipment will be done within a period of two years but government holds the right to extend it if it deems it necessary, we learned. According to the agreement, the equipment will be divided into three sets. One set will be allocated to 28mobile intervention brigades for road maintenance in 360 local council areas, another one will be set aside for construction companies wanting to rent them, while a third lot will be kept in MATGENIE for use on contracts. It should be noted that MATGENIE has exclusive rights to construction of projects of the Ministry of Public Works following an agreement signed between the two entities in 2018.“Four training centres and ten service points will be created in all ten regions


Embassy - Diaspora News

Celebration to commemorate the 53rd edition of Cameroon's National Youth Day in Belgium has been slated for Saturday, February 16, 2019, under the distinguished Patronage of H.E. Daniel Evina Abe'e, Cameroon's  Ambassador. According to a release from the Cultural Affairs Service of the Embassy, there will be two major highlights of this year's manifestations - the reception of freshmen admitted into Belgian Universities or Higher Institutions, as well as the Award of Baccalaureat and BTS Certificates for the June 2016 session to laureats.

The event will take place as from 2pm at the Rue Edith Cavell 143, 1180 Brussels and other important items include a conference - debate and a banquet offered by the Ambassador. The Counselor for Cultural Affairs in the Embassy, Madam Madame Bisou Christine Scholastique invites students who are due to receive Certificates to come along with their passports. 

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They must enjoy their civic and political rights and fulfill all the required legal conditions to be an elector.


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