Lessons from the 33rd International day of the rights of the woman

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The commemoration chaired by Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e under the theme, "Intensify the fight against discrimination towards women, reinforce partnership in order to accelerate sustainable develoment" at a hall at Edith Cavell located within the city of Uccle, not far from the Embassy. Some 400 Cameroonian women, alongside their from of other countries, wife of the Ambassador, Christiane, with her counterparts of Equatorial Guinea, Congo Brazaville and the African Union, all reunited by a panel discussion of four experts.  

The sub-themes were complimentary, namely, 1)Women,political participation, and decision-making" by Madam Yvette Belibi; 2)"Women,peace, and security et inclusive growth" by Madam Anne Dorette Djikou; 3)Women,social networks and migrations" by Madam Catherine Ngo Biyack; and 4)Women & health, light complexion and cosmetic products" by Madam Madeleine Bassomoo.

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