Some one thousand guests assembled at the La Hulpe residence of Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e, Head of Mission for the kingdom of Belgium and the European Union, on Saturday the 20th of May 2017 to commemorate Cameroon's national day, marking its 45th edition. The most serious business was the keynote speech which he made, followed by the decoration of officers recognized by the President of the Republic for meritorious duty. Then there was the extraordinary welcome of Cameroon's Lion Indomitable Coach, the Belgian Hugo Broos and his executive bureau: his Assistant, Sven Vandenbroeck; Physiotherapist, Gert Vandeurzen, Medical Doctor, William Ngatchou; and two players reisent in Belgium, namely, Siani Sebastien and Collins Fai.

 "Army and nation in full synergy for Cameroon, united in diversity and devoted to the ideals of peace, stability and prosperity,” was the theme of the commemoration.

"Le Thème, pour ceux qui suivent l’actualité de notre pays, vient réaffirmer les principes cardinaux qui ont toujours guidé le Vivre ensemble, aux  Camerounais depuis notre indépendance. Le Cameroun comme l’a si bien rappelé le Chef de l’Etat Son Excellence Paul BIYA dans son message à la nation en fin de l’année 2016, est UN et Indivisible. En effet depuis quelques mois, Les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest du Cameroun ont été le théâtre de soubresauts sur le front social et politique, ce qui par moment a semblé fragilisé ces fondements de notre Vivre ensemble.

En réaction à cette situation, le Chef de l’Etat a instruit le gouvernement d’entamer un dialogue franc avec les différentes parties concernées, en vues d’apporter des solutions appropriées aux questions posées. Les premières mesures ont été prises tant au niveau du fonctionnement de la justice pour un bilinguisme mieux affirmé, qu’au niveau de la formation des magistrats et du fonctionnement quotidien de la justice.  La mesure phare a été la création de la Commission Nationale pour la Promotion du Bilinguisme et du Multiculturalisme et la nomination de ses membres.Tout ceci vise un seul but à savoir le renforcement d’une Nation Camerounaise Unie, inclusive et Bilingue.  Il s’agit d’une expérience unique en Afrique : que nous devons apprécier à sa juste valeur particulièrement dans les places cosmopolites comme  Bruxelles. Celle-ci devrait se perpétrer dans un esprit d’Unité, héritage de nos pères fondateurs. Comme toute œuvre humaine, celle-ci ne saurait être parfaite, ce qui veut dire qu’il y aurait des choses à parfaire mais dans le respect de la forme Unitaire de notre Etat. Il ne faudrait donc pas jeter le bébé avec l’eau du bain. Nous devons contribuer, chacun pour sa part au renforcement de la paix, de la cohésion sociale et de nos institutions républicaines," says Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e in his keynote speech.

Other activities included a special service offered by the Protestant church le Temple de l'église Protestante Unie de Belgique, Paroisse de Jolimont on Sunday 14th May by Jean Lesort Louck Talom, Pasteur. Meanwhile, a catholic mass led by Aurélien Saniko, Priest alongside a team of several Priests took place on Wednesday, the 17th of May at l'église Saint Jean-Baptiste at Molenbeek.


On the eve of the day itself, the Military Bureau at the Embassy led by Colonel Nôel Bidoung organized a Dinner for the Corps at the Embassy, wherein were Belgian nationalities and other nationals.


On the eve of Cameroon's national day, 20th May, a special diner of the Military Corps was given by the Military Bureau of the Embassy on Friday the 19th of May 2017, in the presence of the Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e.

Colonel Abanda, Commander of the Ecole d'Etat Major; the Defence Attaché of Niger; and the former Commander of the Belgian Royal Guard were present. Apart from the wives and children of the military officers, other civilians were guests at the diner.    

Four panellists addressed themselves to some two hundred Brussels-based Cameroonian women, accompanied by Belgian friends, and a handful of men, in the presence of Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe’e and comrades, on Sunday 12th March in the Uccle neighbourhood of Brussels, Belgium. In respect of the 2017 theme for the International Movement for Women’s rights, namely, “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030, ” each highlighted an aspect craving the attention of the majority of women.

Dr. Edwige Abena, Epidemiologist, President of the Association for Equality and the Growth of Women (APEDEF) advised those who can to create their own enterprise. Closely linked to that, Madam Charlotte Latani, Social Worker at CPAS presented her organisation which is run from the top by women. Thereafter, Madame Fadimatou Ahmat, President of CAW in Leuven, Director of CINESAH Film Festival in Garoua, and President of the NGO Kaotal insisted that strategies must be implemented to keep girls in school beyond the primary level, especially in the North of Cameroon. Addressing herself to women at all levels and in all domains Madame Marie Pierre Nyatanyi, Specialist in Gender Development, holder of a degree in Political Science and International Law, and Writer stressed the importance of ICTS in women’s education and work.

The Head of Mission expressed satisfaction with the presentations, following the question and answer session. In addition, there was Balafon music from Minleng Simon and his group; a Solo and chéorography by Gigi Mone, an exhibition of Cameroonian fabric, clothes, tea, Penja pepper, food, among others. After dinner composed of Cameroonian cuisine, the dance floor was open to all.

The exhibition of Cameroon-Belgium cooperation hit a high note on Thursday the 2nd of March 2017 at the Cameroon Embassy when Head of Mission H.E. Daniel Evina Abe’e along with close collaborators held discussions with a combined delegation of medical personalities. The latter were made up of the Leuven University Medical Cooperation and Solidarity (LUMOS), on the one hand, and medical authorities of three Cameroon health institutions, namely Saint Martin de Porres Hospital, Njinikom; Saint Joseph Children’s and Adults Home and Medical Centre, Bafut; and Saint Elizabeth Catholic Hospital, the School for Nurses and Lab Technicians, and the Cardiac Centre in Shisong.

Thanks to ongoing cooperation between the two, launched way back in 2001, a lot has so far been accomplished. In addition to the yearly training of students in Belgium, specialists from Belgium travel to Cameroon yearly to work with local experts and staff on cases requiring special intervention. Besides, once or twice a year, members of LUMOS join hands and hearts to send containers to Cameroon. As of date, and as an example, up to 249 beds have been sent to the three hospitals.

The twenty something Embassy guests included Sandy Groeninck, Coordinator of LUMOS, Ruth Jamaels, Management Assistant of LUMOS; Bernard Spitz, Assistant Vice-Rector International Development Cooperation; An Sermon, President of LUMOS Cameroon; Sister Renata Bila Deputy Director of Shishong hospital; Sister Petra Muso, Coordinator Rehabilitation Centre, Bafut; Sister Olive-Marie Nga, Administrator Njinikom Hospital; Sister Kathleen Shela, ICT Coordinator, Shishong; Sister Mediatrix Libu Wirba, Councillor for Education of the Tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis.

Cameroon's Head of Mission in Brussels, Belgium assisted by his close collaborators, on Sunday the 26th of February 2017 attended the 40th anniversary of the Ridders Club, the ace Pigeon Racers Club of the Kingdom of Belgium. It was the utmost joy of Mr. Lionel Debusschere and his wife Nicole Mouqué together with the President of the Club to welcome the representative of the African country to which they have given help each year since 1977. The ceremony took place at Harebeke, a town situated more than a hundred kilometres in the Flanders. 

Indeed, the couple, who have made enormous sacrifices relentlessly were decorated last 20th May by His Excellency Daniel Evina Abe'e as Knight of the National Order of Valour, follow recognition by the President Paul Biya.

It is thanks to their contribution that the yearly One million francs CFA, among other material gifts added up to the construction of College Chevreuil in Douala, Cameroon. 

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