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Savannas of northern Cameroon are the breeding ground of a wide variety of animals, among the richest and most varied in Africa. With six national parks, the North Providence is a land to discover the African fauna.

Tourists can observe and photograph beautiful animals living freely in their natural environment. The lion, king of the savannah, is the symbol of Cameroon. Large dense forests in the south and the great rivers that cross the country are sanctuaries for animals such as gorillas.

The tours in this region can discover all the riches of equatorial Africa.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


Yaounde Cameroon Thunderstorms, 21 °C
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Sunrise: 6:2 am   |   Sunset: 6:8 pm
95%     6.4 km/h     31.083 atm
Wed Low: 20 °C High: 25 °C
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Fri Low: 20 °C High: 24 °C
Brussels Belgium Mostly Cloud (day), 8 °C
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Sunrise: 7:36 am   |   Sunset: 7:31 pm
70%     11.3 km/h     34.325 atm
Wed Low: 6 °C High: 18 °C
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Fri Low: 9 °C High: 14 °C
Sat Low: 4 °C High: 13 °C
Sun Low: 5 °C High: 14 °C
Mon Low: 7 °C High: 11 °C
Tue Low: 6 °C High: 12 °C
Wed Low: 6 °C High: 13 °C
Thu Low: 7 °C High: 13 °C
Fri Low: 7 °C High: 12 °C

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