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With 400 kms of coastline, Cameroon is an ideal place for beach activities and water sports.

A mild climate throughout the year, sandy beaches, picturesque bays, the majesty of the ocean while participating in an unforgettable stay.

For fans of fishing, fish-bearing waters will please the most discerning.

Many excursions are possible from the metropolises of Cameroon in order to explore the national parks, places of interest, or multiple populations of the country.

Golf lovers will find three magnificent courses in Yaounde and Douala, Tiko, as well as on the coast of Limbe.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


Yaounde Cameroon Mostly Cloud (night), 24 °C
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 6:1 am   |   Sunset: 5:57 pm
83%     11.3 km/h     30.983 atm
Sat Low: 20 °C High: 28 °C
Sun Low: 20 °C High: 26 °C
Mon Low: 20 °C High: 27 °C
Tue Low: 20 °C High: 26 °C
Wed Low: 20 °C High: 29 °C
Thu Low: 21 °C High: 27 °C
Fri Low: 21 °C High: 26 °C
Sat Low: 20 °C High: 28 °C
Sun Low: 20 °C High: 28 °C
Mon Low: 21 °C High: 27 °C
Brussels Belgium Clear (night), 6 °C
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 8:3 am   |   Sunset: 4:52 pm
74%     35.4 km/h     34.124 atm
Sat Low: 0 °C High: 8 °C
Sun Low: 0 °C High: 5 °C
Mon Low: 0 °C High: 5 °C
Tue Low: 1 °C High: 3 °C
Wed Low: 0 °C High: 2 °C
Thu Low: -1 °C High: 2 °C
Fri Low: -1 °C High: 3 °C
Sat Low: 0 °C High: 4 °C
Sun Low: 1 °C High: 3 °C
Mon Low: 2 °C High: 4 °C

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