Portuguese Fernando PO'O tackles in 1492 the coast of the country, while the Mount Cameroon is in full eruption. Until 1884, Cameroon will be the crossing point of many traders and missionaries. At that time, he became a German colony with which the Duala chiefs signed a treaty. After the armistice of 1918, Cameroon returned to the region of French Equatorial Africa. In 1958, the country achieved internal autonomy, before achieving independence in 1960. Be the first president Ahmadou Ahidjo was succeeded in 1982, the current President: HE Paul Biya. National Day takes place on May 20, and the flag of Cameroon has three vertical stripes, green, red and yellow, and a star symbol of the unity of the country.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


Yaounde Cameroon Thunderstorms, 21 °C
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 6:2 am   |   Sunset: 6:8 pm
95%     6.4 km/h     31.083 atm
Wed Low: 20 °C High: 25 °C
Thu Low: 20 °C High: 27 °C
Fri Low: 20 °C High: 26 °C
Sat Low: 20 °C High: 26 °C
Sun Low: 20 °C High: 25 °C
Mon Low: 20 °C High: 27 °C
Tue Low: 20 °C High: 25 °C
Wed Low: 20 °C High: 24 °C
Thu Low: 20 °C High: 24 °C
Fri Low: 20 °C High: 24 °C
Brussels Belgium Mostly Cloud (day), 8 °C
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 7:36 am   |   Sunset: 7:31 pm
70%     11.3 km/h     34.325 atm
Wed Low: 6 °C High: 18 °C
Thu Low: 9 °C High: 20 °C
Fri Low: 9 °C High: 14 °C
Sat Low: 4 °C High: 13 °C
Sun Low: 5 °C High: 14 °C
Mon Low: 7 °C High: 11 °C
Tue Low: 6 °C High: 12 °C
Wed Low: 6 °C High: 13 °C
Thu Low: 7 °C High: 13 °C
Fri Low: 7 °C High: 12 °C

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