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Some one thousand guests assembled at the La Hulpe residence of Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e, Head of Mission for the kingdom of Belgium and the European Union, on Saturday the 20th of May 2017 to commemorate Cameroon's national day, marking its 45th edition. The most serious business was the keynote speech which he made, followed by the decorated of officers recognized by the President of the Republic for meritorious duty, and the extraordinary welcome of Cameroon's Lion Indomitable Coach, the Belgian Hugo Broos and his executive, alongside two players.

Brussels, 5 May 2017/ ACP: The Council of Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States closed its 105th session with two key decisions that will influence how the bloc of 79 countries will carve out a more effective role in the international arena.

The future of the ACP Group, including its future relations with the EU, led the agenda, which also included a range of other issues such as development finance, trade and commodities, political and humanitarian matters, and the implementation of various development programmes in areas like climate change, private sector development, agriculture, and education amongst others.

“Following the decisions taken by our Heads of State and Government at their 7th and 8th Summits in 2012 and 2016 respectively, we have received clear marching orders to undertake the reforms needed to transform the ACP Group into an effective global player, fit for the 21st century, and responsive to the emerging priorities of our Member States,”said thePresident of Council, the Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia Hon. Dr. Abraham Tekeste.

"We must therefore do more to advance and strengthen intra-ACP cooperation, especially through South-South Cooperation, and to ensure a more balanced partnership with Europe based on shared values and mutual respect. At the same time, we must take steps to diversify our partnerships and strengthen the self-financing capacity of the Group by introducing innovative financing mechanisms."

After two days of deliberations from the 3rd to 4th of May, the Council took three major decisions:

Decision 1

The Council decided to mandate the Committee of Ambassadors to review the Georgetown Agreement – the founding document of the organisation – while taking into account relevant decisions of the ACP Summits and Council of Ministers, as well as the policy framework document “Towards the ACP we want”, which was also approved in principle by the Council.

Decision 2

The Council approved, in principle, three priority areas to guide future programmes and activities of the Group post-2020, namely:

• Trade, investment, industrialisation and services;
• Development cooperation, technology, science and innovation/research; and
• Political dialogue and advocacy.

These will be further refined by the Committee of Ambassadors.

The Council also approved, in principle, the processes, modalities and substance for negotiations with the EU for a successor partnership agreement. The current ACP-EU Cotonou Partnership Agreement closes in 2020, and formal negotiations for a follow-up framework are due in 2018.

The Committee of Ambassadors were mandated to constitute a central negotiating group and technical negotiating groups to determine core guiding principles such as negotiating as one, securing a legally binding agreement, the single undertaking principle and maintaining the acquis of the Cotonou Agreement.

Decision 3

A third decision reaffirmed solidarity with the People and Government of Haiti, in light of recent natural disasters that devastated the nation. The ACP Council will dispatch a small delegation to Haiti to identify projects that could be supported by the ACP Group under the 11th European Development Fund.

In addition to these decisions the Council passed two resolutions:

Resolution on ACP Agricultural Commodity Trade and Sector Development

The Council made pronouncements on bananas, sugar, cotton, and cashew, welcoming the New Approach on support to development of Agricultural Value Chains, which targets small producers. Ministers cited concerns with trade agreements made by the European Union with competitors of ACP banana and sugar-producing countries, calling for minimum tariff rate quotas for banana and sugar imports. The Council called on the EU for collaboration to ensure minimal negative effects on ACP-EU trade, due to the impending departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (“Brexit”).

Resolution on ACP-EU Economic Partnership Agreements

The Council reaffirmed its commitment to enhance ACP-EU trade relations, while appealing to the European Union to show flexibility in responding to concerns from ACP countries. This includes challenges in negotiations with Central Africa, Eastern Africa, and the Pacific. The Council reiterated concerns about the effects of Brexit negotiations on trade with ACP countries. It welcomed the ACP-EU Joint Ministerial Trade Committee meeting to be held on 20 October 2017, and called upon members to exhaustively tackle EPA concerns.


The 105th session of the ACP Council of Ministers is followed by the 42nd ACP-EU Joint Council of Ministers which takes place today./


The Cameroonian delegation was headed by the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze, ably assisted by the Head of Mission in Belgium Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e.


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Video & statements from the Opening Ceremony of the 105th session of the ACP Council of Ministers, 3 May 2017

"Pour le Groupe des Etats d'Afriques, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique, les effets néfastes du changement climatique constituent la plus grande menaces pour les moyens de subsistances, la sécurité et le bien-ëtre de ses population. En effet, les changements climatique menacent la survie même des pays ACP, et en particulier les petits Etats insulaires en développement, les pays les moins avancés et les pays d'Afrique...

Dans le cadre de ses préparatifs en vue de la COP23, le Groupe ACP a établi une feuille de route afin d'assurer une participation efficaces de ces Etats membres lors de cette conférence majeure. Le Groupe attache également une grande importance à celle-ci car c'est Fidji, petit Etat insulaire en développement, qui présidera la COP23. Le Groupe ACP compte apporter son soutien total à Fidji pour faire en sorte que cet événement soit couronné de succès...

Les principales priorités du Groupe ACP en vue de la COP 23 portent notamment sur l'adaption, l'atténuation, les financements, le développement et le transfert de technologie, et le renforcement des capacités...

La présidence de la COP23 par Fidji donnera au Groupe ACP l'occasion d'étudier les moyens de renforcer son rôle lors de cette conférence. A cette fin, le Groupe ACP organise, en collaboration avec l'Union africaine, Fidji, l'Union européenne et d'autre partenaires régionaux ACP des Caraïbes et du Pacifique, un événement en marge de la 46e session des Organes subsidiaires, qui aura lieu en mai 2017. Cette événement, qui aura lieu mercredi le 17 mai 2017 à Bonn (Allemagne), se penchera sur le moyens de remédier à la vulnerabilité des pays d'Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique...

Le groupe ACP espère collaborer avec l'Union européenne afin d'élaborer et de mettre en oeuvre, en temps opportun, des projets supplémentaire au titre du 11e FED, permettant d'appuyer les efforts déployés par les pays et régions ACP pour mettre en oeuvre l'Accord de Paris."   

The 2016 Libramont Fair that took place from the 22nd to the 25th of July 22 at the Fairground, in Belgium was held under the me “ Agriculture - a matter of life.” One of his vocations is to validate human beings and ideas that contribute to the development of agriculture.

To achieve its objective to highlight innovation, this year two innovations centres occupied the stage. Beyond the agricultural produce, emphasis was laid on mechanization (the Mecanic Show - a selection of 19 materials, with the theme "back to basics" with a focus on optimization.

Meanwhile, the roundtables attracted the attention of participants from all business areas. Among the presenters authorities of the Belgian government in collaboration with the European Union and other international organizations; experts in the various areas of specialties such as environment, transport, trade, economy, and rurality discussed four major topics within the grand theme "Stop gaspi" (Stop wastage).

It is estimated that in the world up to a billion suffer from hunger, while 1.3 billion tons per year is wasted, while a third of world production is discarded.

The Libramont agricultural, forestry and agri-food Fair is the largest annual European exhibition outdoors. It annually hosts nearly 200 000 visitors, 1500 exhibitors and brands on a site of 300,000 m².

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They must enjoy their civic and political rights and fulfill all the required legal conditions to be an elector.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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