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His Excellency Daniel Evina Abe'e on Friday the 20th of January 2017 wished staff and representaives of the Cameroonian community in Bruxelles, Belgium good health and a Prosperous New Year.

He was speaking in response to Mr. Laurent Tchandeu, Minister Counsellor, who on behalf of all present extended blessings of the year to him and his family.

In his address, Mr. Tchandue disclosed that some 3500 Cameroonians resident in Belgium and the surrounding countries made requests for Passports.

Also, more than double that number applied for Visas.

Then some more requested other documents and services from the Consular Department of the Embassy.


“We are just returning from Cameroon where we trained a group in the Southwest region that had downloaded our material on the ‘biochar system’ from the internet and invited then us to help them launch it”, says Professor Alessandro Peressotti. He was speaking at the Brussels-based Press Club Brussels Europe on the 8th of July 2016, sponsored by the ACP in collaboration with the European Union.

Negotiations on the UK's withdrawal will only start if the UK formally notifies the EU of its intention to leave the Union”, says Didier Reynders, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs. He was speaking on the 4 July 2016, at Egmont Palace, Brussels, Belgium during

The 2016 Libramont Fair that took place from the 22nd to the 25th of July 22 at the Fairground, in Belgium was held under the me “ Agriculture - a matter of life.” One of his vocations is to validate human beings and ideas that contribute to the development of agriculture.

To achieve its objective to highlight innovation, this year two innovations centres occupied the stage. Beyond the agricultural produce, emphasis was laid on mechanization (the Mecanic Show - a selection of 19 materials, with the theme "back to basics" with a focus on optimization.

Meanwhile, the roundtables attracted the attention of participants from all business areas. Among the presenters authorities of the Belgian government in collaboration with the European Union and other international organizations; experts in the various areas of specialties such as environment, transport, trade, economy, and rurality discussed four major topics within the grand theme "Stop gaspi" (Stop wastage).

It is estimated that in the world up to a billion suffer from hunger, while 1.3 billion tons per year is wasted, while a third of world production is discarded.

The Libramont agricultural, forestry and agri-food Fair is the largest annual European exhibition outdoors. It annually hosts nearly 200 000 visitors, 1500 exhibitors and brands on a site of 300,000 m².

Voter Registration

points focaux

elecam voteCameroonian citizens settled or residing abroad shall be entered on the registers of electors opened at diplomatic representations and consular posts in their countries of residence or attachment.

They must enjoy their civic and political rights and fulfill all the required legal conditions to be an elector.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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