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About a thousand guests, among them the diplomatic corps, top administrators of the Belgian Government and the European Union, including the ACP friends of Cameroon, and Cameroonians living in Belgium and its environs met at the Ambassador’s residence to celebrate national unity. In his keynote address, Ambassador Daniel Evina Abe'e expressed the gratitude of the nation to those who stood by her during the hard times caused by terrorist attacks. 


We, Ministers of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States responsible for trade matters, meeting in Brussels from  19 to 21 October 2015 to, among other things, review preparations for the Tenth WTO Ministerial Conference (MC10) in Nairobi and provide political guidance  to our Member States; 

The European Investment Bank (EIB) that has been operating on the African continent since twenty years is on the verge of opening a new head office in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé to serve the Central African region.

Due to scheduling constrainst on both signatories,

Once more, Cameroon was specially honored during the annual feast of Pigeon Racers, Riddersclub that took place on Sunday, the 28th of February 2016 at Harelbeke, Belgium. During the ceremony, . A check worth 1.500 Euros (approximately One million CFA) was given by the Founder of the Asoociation and his wife, Nicole and Lionel Debusschere, for the benefit of 

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elecam voteCameroonian citizens settled or residing abroad shall be entered on the registers of electors opened at diplomatic representations and consular posts in their countries of residence or attachment.

They must enjoy their civic and political rights and fulfill all the required legal conditions to be an elector.


Ambassador Daniel EVINA ABEE


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